Banyamulenge Community

Our community of Banyamulenge families and friends are found around the world. At this time of crisis, we need our voice to be heard together for real and lasting peace. The latest social media posts are found below.

Twitter Posts

Is the world going to watch while the Congolese Tustis are being murdered everyday? When is this going to stop? Stop the genocide against the Congolese Tutsis!

is no longer needed. to find peace among the people of Kongom, who do not support m23 is still behind 200 years from now! Izibarikurya ninyama zumunyamulenge wumucuruzi bita ntayoberwa Imaniem @SadateMunyakazi @LuckyIbnMiraj @rukwata_isaac #savemulenge

Happining now in #Minembwe #Secondary schools protesting the Killing of 14yr boy #MUGAZA killed by #FARDC. We strongly condenm with stongest term possible the #12brigad of #FARDC in #Minembwe and we Demand #Justice for #Mugaza.


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