Ethnic Genocide Facing 85,000 Banyamulenge

We, the Banyamulenge community make this declaration to mark the date and bear witness to the national and international community of acts of genocide executed in Minembwe that none in history may plead ignorance.

Banyamulenge Community 2020

Soldier Lynched Because of his Ethnicity

18 Dec 2021 On December 9, 2021, Major Kaminzobe, a member of the Congolese armed forces (FARDC) and the Banyamulenge ethnic minority, was traveling from his duty station in Fizi to Uvira together with his direct superior and other soldiers in a vehicle belonging to the local health sector. When they reached Lweba, a village…

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Five Killed on Independence Day

30 June 2021Unarmed civilians were shot and killed by Congolese armed forces in an unprovoked attack on DR Congo’s Independence Day. Among the dead were elderly women and one man who had peacefully gathered to raise awareness of conditions against their people in recent weeks. The region of Minembwe in Eastern Congo continues to suffer…

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Third Attack on Minkenke Camp

Mahoro Peace Association (MPA) has learnt with indignation today’s FARDC attack at Mikenke displaced camp which hosts around 300 Banyamulenge families. Early morning today (June 18th , 2020) FARDC (the DR Congo national army) local soldiers attacked Mikenke displaced camp. Two Banyamulenge civilians, Buhunira Rwandikiye (69 years old) and Bukuru Rudahigwa were seriously injured by…

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Attack on Displaced Camp

Around 6AM, Mai Mai rebels attacked the camp of displaced persons in Mikeke. 150 cows were taken and seven people wounded – four men, two women and one child. Monusco UN troops intervened and protected the camp fatally wounding one of the perpetrators. We salute the UN troops for their actions at a time that…

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Women tortured and killed

South Kivu, DR Congo 20 April 2020 On 18 April 2020 two Banyamulenge women were tortured and killed by the Mai Mai after being subjected to the most atrocious forms of torture and humiliating acts of sexual violence. The graphic images of their mutilated bodies reminiscent of the fate of many women during the Rwandan…

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Genocide Watch Issues Warning

On January 20, 2020 Genocide Watch issued a Genocide Warning in response to the “genocodical threat” facing the Banyamulenge in Eastern Congo. Genocide Watch is an international organization whose mission is to “predict, prevent, stop, and punish genocide and other forms of mass murder.”

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