Third Attack on Minkenke Camp

Mahoro Peace Association (MPA) has learnt with indignation today’s FARDC attack at Mikenke displaced camp which hosts around 300 Banyamulenge families. Early morning today (June 18th , 2020) FARDC (the DR Congo national army) local soldiers attacked Mikenke displaced camp. Two Banyamulenge civilians, Buhunira Rwandikiye (69 years old) and Bukuru Rudahigwa were seriously injured by soldiers gunshots.
According to witnesses, Bukuru was handcuffed then shot; he wasn’t a threat to soldiers, he didn’t hold any fire arm. FARDC soldiers just shot unarmed vulnerable internally displaced civilians they were tasked
to protect.
Mikenke displaced camp have been attacked three times in three weeks. Mrs Uziya was serious injured by a mai mai attack at the same camp on May 28th 2020 today succumbed from sustained wounds at Bukavu General Hospital when she was undergoing medical treatment.
We would like to mention the fact that constant increasing numbers of FARDC soldiers in the high plateau of Itombwe is sparking Banyamulenge insecurity and killing instead of stopping unrest in that part of the
country. This is mainly due to the fact that local FARDC (national army) supports anti-Banyamulenge coalition local mai mai militias and Burundians allied (Red-tabara, FOREBU and FLN). Banyamulenge self-defense (Twirwaneho) have been defending unprotected population mercilessly prone to militias attacks by pushing them back . Local FARDC engagement in fighting and active support to armed groups attacking Banyamulenge tilted the balance and increased exponentially Banyamulenge attacks, killing and looting.
According to the South of South Kivu (Sokola 2) army spokesperson (Capt Kasereka Dieudonne), the attack was an ambush meant to fight FARDC dissident Colonel Makanika’s men. The alibi is clearly NOT true because Colonel Makanika’s who is fighting for FARDC abandoned people is not in Mikenke displaced camp and both victims are unarmed civilians.